Fairies and Fairytales

Fairies and Fairytales. After all, that’s what Walt Disney World is all about: Dreams, Fairies, Fairytales, Princesses, Tinkerbell, Pixie Hollow and…Pixie Dust!!!  Share your Fairytales with us!  We do believe in Fairies!

Peter Pan and Neverland
Second Star to the Right and Straight on till morning...”
Shines in the night for you To tell you that the dreams you plan Really can come true. The second star to the right Shines with a light that’s rare. And if it’s Never Land you need  It’s light will lead you there. Twinkle, twinkle little star So I’ll know where you are Gleaming in the skies above. Lead me to the one who loves me  And when you bring him my way  Each time we say “Goodnight” We’ll thank the little star that shines the second from the right…

Peter Pan had told to Wendy, was the way to Neverland

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again”
From “The Stolen Child” by W. B. Yeats

Fairies and Fairytales

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Disney World Orlando Florida 2011 Flower & Garden Festival
Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden
Tinker Bell,
her friend Rosetta theGarden Fairy“, Vidia, the fastest “Flying Fairyand Terence, thePixie Dust Fairy”

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Sleeping Beauty Disney Fairy Tale Movie

Fauna, Fairy Godmother Princess Aurora in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”

In the Disney film, they are called Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Flora wears red, Fauna wears green and Merryweather wears blue. The wicked fairy is called Maleficent.