Spay Day USA

by Fatima Delle Donne

February 25, 2014:  Spay and Neuter Month

Our Blog today is once again to remind to all our followers, friends and families, that February is a special month for ALL pet lovers. Please, everyone: READ the information below and MOST IMPORTANT, make sure to LIKE and SHARE. Our FRIENDS need ALL the SUPPORT WE CAN GET.

Savings Lives

February 25, 2014
“Spay Day – USA”

“For several years, the last Tuesday in February has been designated as “Spay Day U.S.A.,” and February has been chosen as Spay and Neuter Month by countless humane societies and animal advocacy groups. There are many ways you can contribute to this effort, starting with spaying and neutering your own cats.

In 7 years, one female cat and its young can produce 100 to 400 kittens. 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the USA alone. Compared to only 10,000 human births, it’s clear that there will never be enough homes for all these animals.

“Almost 8,000,000 dogs and cats are euthanized each year because there are no homes for them.”

There are countless ways you can help save the lives of innumerable cats. Remember that a kitten not born is a life saved. If you’ve been reading the figures, by extrapolation, if you can spay or neuter just one cat , you will potentially have saved the lives of several hundred cats. Remember, of those unborn cats, some of them will find homes;  the majority will either be abandoned to die, or eventually to find a colony of other ferals, or will be “surrendered” to animal shelters, where they will more often than not, be “euthanized,” humanely or not.

Make your $$ Count:

S/N Your Own Cats
If you’ve been putting it off, do it this month. If you’re short on funds, there are organizations that offer free or low-cost Spay & Neuter. Make a search in your community or County/State.

Donate to a Rescue Organization
Since my cats are all neutered, I chose to donate the cost of a spay or neuter for a cat this month to a great local organization. To find a rescue group near you, use the searchable database at  or check with Alley Cat Allies at

Cat’s Dental Care Month
Also, every February, several veterinary groups, including the The American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA),and the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) join together to educate pet owners to the importance of regular care of their pets dental needs during Pet Dental Health Month.
Thanks to  Franny Syufy,
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