Autism, Christmas and Santa

by Fatima Delle Donne

Christmas and Santa Claus








Malls offer quieter Santa visits for children with autism
Carolyn Robertson, posted on November 30, 2013

Have your kids been to seen Santa yet?

It’s an annual tradition for so many families, tallying up the Christmas wish list, making the trek to the mall, waiting in line, tempering the excitement, perhaps even wiping away a few tears. For children with autism, though, the experience can be far too overwhelming. The bright lights and noise, the Christmas chaos and crowds can all just be too much.
Krista Moroz, a public relations manager at Southcentre Mall in Calgary, Alberta, says that when she was told by a friend that her autistic son would likely never be able to visit Santa, she decided, “Well that shouldn’t be true and we can do something.”

Last year Southcentre became the first in Canada to offer quieter, calmer sessions with Santa before the mall opened for the day. This year several other shopping centers across the country owned by Oxford Properties have followed suit.

Plenty of parents have already taken advantage of the opportunity, and say that this small act means so much to their families.

“It’s about making it accessible to Jeremy and all the other kiddos,” Calgary mom Carol Blossom tells CTV. “It’s such a big deal to me and other people too – to come and see Santa.”

WHERE in the United States is the same done?  Malls offer quieter Santa visits for children with autism?

If you know, please, write us about.  We will be happy to know and publish in our website.


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